Independent Recovery Resources, Inc is a full-service debt collection agency dedicated to the collection and credit industry. IRR provides first party, third party, debt-acquisitions, call blasting and legal services. We also provide our clients with back-end office solutions such as skip-tracing, data collection and outbound calling solutions.


With over twenty years of experience in our management team, we understand the financial needs of businesses in today’s economic climate. Our clients are viewed as strategic partnerships, rather than the typical client-vendor relationships common throughout the collection industry. This partnership approach means our organization becomes an extension of your internal operation.


Our objective is to maximize recovery in the shortest period of time with minimal consumer complaints. We achieve this goal by remaining on the cutting edge of technology, continual training of our personnel, and constant communication with both our clients and the consumers (debtors).


We are confident that our organization will produce recovery rates superior to industry standards while maintaining a high level of service for your staff as well as the consumer. This confidence is based on years of experience and a positive response from our clients. Independent Recovery Resources has developed proven collection strategies that get results and all for a competitive fee.



New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

License Number: 0951898 


This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.